An introduction

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Hi there,

Welcome to the unvisited corner of the internet where unread blogs live. I don’t quite know how you stubbled apon my blog, but I’m just getting started so please do excuse the rough nature of my work. I’m still not sure where I’d like to go with my writing, but there are a few things going on in my life that could inspire me to pull open a page and write.

  1. My thesis – I’m writing a long boring document and a break to rant about something else might inspire me to jump back into thesis writing.
  2. Coding – I’ve learned a lot about R, Python amongst other things. I’ve found the most useful pages on the internet are those that describe a very simple proceedure well. They’re often overlooked by experience programmers, but it’d be great if I can help out another noob.
  3. Politics – I’ll try to restrain myself.

Beyond that I don’t really know where I’m going, but stay tuned.

What am I working on today?

 	adjustBiasSites <- function(pbiased, meanBias, nsites=30, pars){
	  pars$nsites <- nsites
	  pars$pbiased <- pbiased
	  pars$biasD <- meanBias
	  result.df <- map_df(seeds, randomSim, pars = pars, rsim = 'biased') %>% 
    mutate(nsites = nsites, pbiased = pbiased, meanBias = meanBias)

Simulating biases within survey data! Yeah its the good life. Now waiting for some simulations to finish….

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